Executive Destinations magazine & online brand

Like we have all put in our dating profile travel is a massive passion of mine, new sights, smells, sounds and fun.

For the past few years at working at a senior level travel navigated away from purely a couple of weeks in the sun to essential world-wide travel for business.

Be that these days in the rain or shine whilst exhibiting somewhere or nosing about at other colourful stands, meeting cross-continent contacts and the inevitable fumbling of the handshake-cross-hug with those I’ve only ever commutated via the medium of email and LinkedIn.

But that’s not to say that business aside my business travel is dedicated to work, of course it’s not. As much as humanly possible I’ll get to see the sights, taste the food, often both recommended by the locals and even more often enjoyed alongside.

Recent instances of this is of the haunting sites of medieval Prague and the equally enchanting Edinburgh to the neon-wonder fest of Las Vegas showing off the fantastic extremes an Exec must endure. Ha!

My idea for the ‘Executives Destinations’ Magazine and online brand stems not from a purely traveller view point per-se, but one that over the years has developed an eye for what I would want, require and like to offer my clients.

Be that a bijou spa, an upmarket hotel, car hire, and the luxury brands to bring home when one is a day or two late and flowers just won’t do after a few days of fun abroad (of course I mean hard work).

I welcome you all to visit our new site: www.executivedestinations.net and also please drop subscriptions an email via: executivedestinations@chambers.media to receive issue #1 at the end of this year.



Ben Chambers

Managing Director, Chambers Media

Ad Sales Contact and Occasional contributor to Executive Destinations Magazine