This February, Barts, the secret speakeasy in Chelsea, invites guests to experience an immersive evening of mystery and investigation as they are tasked with solving a gruesome murder case – a love story gone wrong. Hidden somewhere along Sloane Avenue lies Barts – London’s first speakeasy, a 1930s prohibition-style cocktail bar tucked away in an apartment building, and the setting to a hideous murder… This exciting murder mystery night, put on in collaboration with Torchlight Mysteries, will see guests manoeuvre their way through an old apartment block in order to find the secret black door. Beyond, lies not only Chelsea’s most notorious speakeasy – famed for its lawless liquor and raucous parties – but also something far more sinister… the scene of a terrible crime.  

Those who consider themselves to be the no-nonsense type; sharp-minded, with a keen eye for loose-lipped liars, are sure to thrive should they take part in Barts Murder Mystery. Upon arrival, participants will rip their way through the police tape and enter the apartment to find a room of suspects, each with their own potential, spine-chilling motive. Then, it’s time to take in all the evidence, getting to know the scene, the characters, the motives and the alibis, before carefully preparing a line of questioning.  

Bart DeSimone always liked February, crisp air, dark mornings and hot coffee, but  he looked forward to the most in February was the prospect of spending Valentine’s Day with someone special.  Sadly for Bart, this Valentine’s day wouldn’t mean love for him… but murder. Poor Bart met his untimely demise the day before his favourite holiday and no one yet knows why.  

Four suspects will be brought together in Barts Speakeasy on Sloane Avenue, all caught up in this thrilling crime of passion. They were all invited to Bart’s by the man himself for a Valentines themed evening. There were rumours of a big announcement that Bart had to make, but suspiciously the guests claim to not know anything about that… There’s so much to uncover. A possible mistress? Dodgy employees? Family secrets? Who knows what the night will reveal. One thing is sure – emotions will run high as scandals and love triangles become clearer and more shocking than the last. After all – is anything more deadly than falling in love?  

Guests will see if they have what it takes to separate the truth from the lies; to detect the subtleties of body language, alibi inconsistencies, or if they just possess that good ol’ gut feeling as they scribble down clues, eventually forming what they believe to be the truth behind the Murder on the Barts Floor.Afterwards, players can calm their nerves with a toast to the deceased and a complimentary cocktail from Barts’ Murderous menu, such as Beaushaw’s Bootleg, and Bloody Goodbyes. Then, all can sit back and enjoy the afterparty as the venue transforms into what it’s best known for – a sizzling speakeasy. 
Tickets are £30pp and include a welcome drink. To book, visit or call 020 7581 3355

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